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Land and Skyscapes

June 30, 2008


A mysterious skyscape, above.  Are those towers or spikes? Below, a landscape of heat and vastness — both images sent in by AngiePenguin.  Perhaps they will inspire your dreams.

Landscape with Mountain





The Star Child’s Snow Globe

June 26, 2008

City image

A fascinating image sent in by Kiwi Girl. A castle, a flickering aurora, a crystal ball.  Does anyone else dream these things? A fine addition to the collection.

Dream a Little Dream for Me

June 25, 2008

Tell me your dreams.  I collect dreams, not prescient or precognitive–not dreams of what will happen in the near-term–but dreams about the future. The far future. Certain dreams are becoming more common–a dream meme, or dreme, if you will. I need to hear your dreams of the future.  Send your dreams as emails to, and I will review and post them. Dream pictures–artwork or photographs–are also desired.