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Kitty at the End of Time?

October 5, 2008

A mysterious painting, also from Bill Goodwin, that he has titled Kitty at the End of Time?

Kitty at the End of Time?

Kitty at the End of Time?

Land and Skyscapes

June 30, 2008


A mysterious skyscape, above.  Are those towers or spikes? Below, a landscape of heat and vastness — both images sent in by AngiePenguin.  Perhaps they will inspire your dreams.

Landscape with Mountain




The Star Child’s Snow Globe

June 26, 2008

City image

A fascinating image sent in by Kiwi Girl. A castle, a flickering aurora, a crystal ball.  Does anyone else dream these things? A fine addition to the collection.

Dream a Little Dream for Me

June 25, 2008

Tell me your dreams.  I collect dreams, not prescient or precognitive–not dreams of what will happen in the near-term–but dreams about the future. The far future. Certain dreams are becoming more common–a dream meme, or dreme, if you will. I need to hear your dreams of the future.  Send your dreams as emails to, and I will review and post them. Dream pictures–artwork or photographs–are also desired.