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Ruins of Chollas Station

September 3, 2008

Stimson Jaycat sends along this:

Have been doing some “photo” studies of the ruins of Chollas Station over the last week.
So far, have only found two construction date stamps in the ruins, on the same ruined foundation…one with a date that could be 1887, 1937, or 1957….while ten feet away one that clearly states 10-60.
I first came upon the ruins in 1973, then again from 1975-1980, then 1986-1987, 2004, then 2007 to present.
The west end, with the plaza I call “town square, has looked pretty much the same over the last three decades, though some of the mud hills have fallen down onto the ruins, and some of the trees are taller.
The most striking change is in the valley to the west, where three tiers that run nearly half a mile, are now almost completely choked with shrubs.  The concrete blocks we used to call “the tombstones” are still intact, but buried under more dried native plants.
Above the tiers several concrete blocks are tumbled, with rebar sticking out.
To the west, north, and north east suburban housing looks down into the ruins and eucalyptus grove that embraces it.
Some time in the last half decade graffiti artists have finally found the stone faces of the ruins, but for decades NO ONE left their mark on these forgotten constructs.
It always feels like time has run out in the remains of Chollas Station.   Have only been there at night, once.  Fled the place twenty one years ago when I found a strange figure burning manuscripts in a fire with in a ring of yard wide cement drain pipe turned on it’s side.
Best fotos may follow.