# just a pi, approximately

Douglas sends this, with the comment, “. . .below is a collection of approximately 25 different songs where one line from each was collaged with another line – producing a new Breed.”

# just a pi, approximately

And in the park outside of town, the leaves The way we look to a distant constellation, that’s dying You’ll think of me, and you’ll be smiling You may get disgusted, And think Im strange Thinking goin’ turn over, tryin’ sleepin’ on my side but I know’s where you been oh , there’s a red house over yonder My husband’s in the house and he’s scared to leave hes sleepin with his head in the kitchen, And his feets out in the hall A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown Maybe he lost his voice while out shopping Is your mouth a little weak My little serenado?

People know the part you’re playing.

With good and harm, with honour and disgrace.

a crowd of people turned away, but I just had to look it’s a shame and a sin. You just love that woman so much You used to stand on the tables, You used to shoot out the lights She knew your devils and your deeds, And she said Well it’s Too late Tonight WHERE YOU GONNA RUN TO NOW WHERE YOU GONNA GO nothing to thrust out the window, no white flag Imprisoned by this doubt, As if by doing nothing Ain’t it funny how the feeling goes away?

Throwing All You See Into Obscurity

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